Our Mission

Committed to the future of Knox County and its changing and diverse needs, Knox County Head Start works in partnership with the community to provide quality preschool, child care, and family services.  Our purpose is to engage children, families, and staff in reaching their full potential.

Guiding Values
  • We value families, fathers, mothers and primary caregivers, as the first and most important teachers and advocates for their children.
  • We strive to make a difference through the education, care, and support of our children, families and staff:
    • By committing to provide quality services.
    • By hiring, training and retaining competent staff.
    • By providing opportunities for personal and professional growth.
    • By developing and nurturing trusting personal and professional relationships built on honesty and open communication.
    • By acknowledging and seeking diversity through our program design.
    • By creating and maintaining healthy and productive community partnerships.